Post-Divorce Matters

When people do not have children, they can get divorced and forget that their marriage ever existed. The same is not true for people who have kids. For children's sake, both parents need to be present in their lives. Hence, both parents have to communicate with each other even after their divorce is finalized.

At the time of dissolution of marriage, parents have to agree with numerous provisions of a Parenting Plan and Order for Child Support. These agreements will be their guides for years to come until the youngest child turns 18 years old. During these years many things could happen - parents may lose their jobs or find better jobs. They could move out of state or within the same school district. Their salaries could decrease or increase. In all of these cases parties would likely want to have corresponding changes made in existing Parenting Plans and Orders for Child Support.

In addition, if one of the parents does not follow existing court orders and agreements, the other parent could ask the court to find the violating parent in contempt.

Post divorce matters include the following:

  • Modification and adjustment of Parenting Plans
  • Modification and adjustment of Order for Child Support
  • Out of state relocation of a child
  • Contempt procedures

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