About Julia

While studying at Seattle University Law School, Julia interned for Court of Appeals, Division II in Tacoma, Washington. Her responsibilities included researching law on criminal and other matters, drafting memorandums for Judges Robin Hunt and Elaine Houghton and serving as a bailiff during appellate court sessions.

After graduation Julia joined a private law firm as a litigation associate working primarily on personal injury cases. She handled all litigation cases and determined whether they should be resolved without court interference. If a lawsuit needed to be filed, Julia drafted all necessary documentation, gathered evidence, prepared and tried cases in front of the jury. She is an excellent negotiator and passionate litigator, who will not stop until her clients get the compensation they deserve.

Working with people, who were injured in car accidents, Julia realized that she wanted to help people in other difficult times. She started practicing family law to assist people going through divorce – one of the toughest times in their lives. After several years of practice, Julia left the law firm she was at to start her own practice - Law Office of J. Khorun.

Community Involvement

Our intent is to provide affordable legal services of everyone. Unfortunately, some people do not have sufficient resources to hire a competent attorney. In order to help those qualified individuals, Julia accepts pro bono cases from Family Law Mentor Program. If you think you qualify, please contact FLMP at (206) 267-7010 for a screening interview. At the interview you could inform your interviewer that you would like Julia to represent you.

In addition to taking pro bono family law cases, Julia also accepts requests to draft Simple Wills and Last Testaments from Volunteer Legal Services Program. If it becomes clear after our complimentary initial review, that you could be eligible for free legal services from a non-profit organization, our office will provide you with a referral to appropriate organizations and assist in scheduling an appointment, if necessary.

Finally, Julia firmly believes that people should know their legal rights. To make legal information accessible to the public, Julia participates in educational events giving speeches and presentations. On April 28, 2011, Julia talked to members of Russian-speaking community on the subject of family law and dissolution of marriage.