International Family Law

International Family Law

International Family Law is a byproduct of globalization. Due to affordable airline tickets, multinational business and high mobility of many contemporary professions, people from different parts of the world meet, get married and have children. As many of those marriages are between people of different nationalities with distinct backgrounds and culture, their chances of survival for extended period of time are not high. As a result many international couples end up divorced with the myriad of legal complications that often accompany any divorce.

Going through divorce is never easy. If you add uncertain legal rules and barely identified legal standards of international divorce procedure, the process becomes even less appealing. Often countries have different family law statutes, dispute resolution procedures and different family and social norms. On tops of that countries might not be bound by any mutual international agreement in the area of family law, or, if bound, a mechanism of enforcement of such an agreement could be uncertain or unclear.

At the same time as dealing with the international aspects of a divorce, people also still need to resolve the usual divorce issues such as child custody and support, spousal maintenance and division of property, and many others. We encourage you to contact our office so we can help guide you through the complicated legal landscape of international family law.

International Adoptions

International adoption is another area of international family law that is currently rapidly expanding. Nowadays almost everyone, and not just celebrities, can attempt to adopt children from foreign countries. However, the adoption process is not only complex but can also be very expensive. Moreover, there could be long lasting complications if the procedure is not properly followed.

However, there is no need to get involved in messy and extremely expensive international legal procedure complicated by possible criminal prosecution for child abduction or other violations of immigration and international laws that you are not aware of. Our office will inform you of existing international laws and norms, help out with recognizing possible legal and other problems and provide you with a workable solution that will be enforceable in all countries involved.