Family Law

Family law should not be equated with divorce law. It is a bigger area of law that deals with issues related to marriages including:

  • pre-marital concerns such as pre-nuptial agreements;
  • issues arising throughout marriage, including domestic violence, adoptions, child abuse;
  • divorce-related matters such as legal separation, annulment, divorce, division of property, spousal maintenance, child support and parenting plans;
  • post-divorce matters, including modifications of parenting plans and child support orders, relocation of a child;

If one of the spouses wants to move out of the U.S, the divorce becomes even more complex as international conventions and treaties between involved countries should be taken into account.

Further, one does not have to get married to have a family. Upon brake up of a common law marriage or domestic partnerships, people go through the same ordeal as those who dissolve their marriage. They also need to divide property, establish parenting plan, and, in some cases, paternity of children, and calculate child support.

Not only family law includes vast range of issues, but outcomes of those issues in each case are extremely factually sensitive. As none of the families are alike, each and every family law case is different too.

We have experience in many family law matters and our office will help you to resolve any of the above stated legal concerns, formulate a plan of handling your specific case and tailor that plan to the needs of you and your family. Please use the menu on the left to explore our specialized practice areas and contact us with any questions you may have.