Domestic Violence

There is always two sides to any story. This is especially true in cases involving Domestic Violence where, in addition to normal differences in point of view, there is also often a misunderstanding or misconception about what is or isn't considered Domestic Violence. Representing and defending survivors of Domestic Violence often requires a very different approach from defense of those accused of Domestic Violence. We specialize in both areas with emphasis on representation of Domestic Violence survivors.

For Survivors of Domestic Violence

At least one in five Washington women is injured by domestic violence during her lifetime. Many others are not physically hurt, but suffer from other forms of abuse.

"Domestic violence is a pattern of intentional, abusive behavior that one intimate partner exerts over another as a way of gaining power and control." 2008 King County Dating and Domestic Violence Handbook contains an exceptionally good explanation of what constitutes domestic violence, checklist when planning on leaving an abusive partner, and answers to common questions.

As a law office, our goal is to assist survivors of domestic violence to gain back their power and control over the situation. If necessary, we will help you to find safe shelter for you and your family. If you are eligible for free attorney, we will refer you to one, schedule an appointment for you with a pro bono organization. In any case, our attorney Julia Khorun will draft a Petition for an Order of DV Protection; help you to prepare an effective declaration in support of that Petition and represent you at all court hearings. If you think you are being abused or are physically or emotionally injured by your spouse, please contact our office immediately. It is essential to act immediately!

For Accused of Domestic Violence

As domestic violence is a problem in our current world, the Washington courts have established a simple procedure for obtaining domestic violence protection orders and restraining orders. Hence, any person could easily obtain a temporary restraining order or a temporary domestic violence protection order. Also if police is called, report of domestic violence could result in criminal charges. There is no doubt that the simplicity of the procedures and overprotectiveness of police and courts are good for many survivors of domestic violence. Unfortunately, the exactly same positive court rules and procedures make it difficult to prove innocence of those who are falsely accused of domestic violence.

As any system, the DV protection system could be and is abused by those who want to gain unfair advantage in family law proceedings. It is hard to go through divorce; it is even harder to deal with it when accused of abuse. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with it!

If you are accused of domestic violence, please contact our office immediately. It is essential to act as soon as you are served with court paperwork. Any procrastination might cost you charges of assault or other domestic violence crime, DV protection order against you and custody of your children.