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Welcome to the Law Office of J. Khorun. We're a law firm based in Redmond, WA specializing in Family Law and Personal Injury cases. Julia Khorun, our founding attorney, is a skilled negotiator who has handled many Family Law & Personal Injury cases in Washington State. We strongly believe in resolving legal matters through negotiation and without the uncertainty, expense and client-anxiety of a trial. That said, Julia has significant litigation experience and will readily take a case to trial if needed.

We believe in a personal and customized approach to every single case, no matter how big or small. Julia is intimately involved with every case handled by our law office so you can rest assured that your matter will be handled by an experienced attorney from start to finish.

Please browse our website for more information on our specific practice areas and contact us for all your family law needs. We accept cases in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We provide quality legal representation so that you could focus on your life instead of the legal issues that you're forced to deal with. People tend to have a lot on their minds during relationship break ups and after accidents - our goal is to make such challenging times easier. We realize that many legal matters are very positive in nature and we will also be there for you when you need legal advice during happier times. We will help you with adoption of a child, marital agreements and estate planning. Whether the times are good or bad, we are here to help you with your legal needs!

Community Involvement

Our intent is to provide affordable legal advice to everyone. As part of this commitment we provide discounts and payment plans for qualified individuals. Our office works with Volunteer Legal Services to provide pro bono assistance on estate planning and debt defense matters. And we also accept clients through WSBA Moderate Means Program. If it becomes clear after our complimentary initial review, that you could be eligible for free legal services from a non-profit organization, our office will provide you with a referral to appropriate organizations and assist in scheduling an appointment, if necessary.


Knowledge is one of the most precious resources. In some instances, minimal legal knowledge might help you to save money, time and trouble. Our office participates in speaker events for the community, particularly Russian-speaking community.

We also provide free phone consultation on a number of topics:

  • How to handle simple family law matters (such as non-contested divorce without children or assets) without attorney involvement
  • Assessment of complexity of legal issues on case by case basis
  • Protection from domestic violence\abuse for women

Areas of Practice

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